C-SIG Self-Classification Ride Postponed to Sun., 3/18

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  • C-SIG Self-Classification Ride Postponed to Sun., 3/18
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It's not just wet roadways that wash us out tomorrow, it's the below freezing temps and wind chills in the teens. So please check back with us Sunday after 7AM to see if we're on or not. Perhaps we can move back our start time to later on Sunday morning.
If Sunday's self-class. is canceled, we'll see you on the 24th, same time and place.

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C -sigger hopeful (not verified)

"Patricia, Is it at all in the realm of possibility that one can do the C-sig classification on their own . I have alot of free time during the week ,considering the weather & the time constraints it might be helpful to the club .I assure you that ""Honesty is the best policy"" may I never tell a lie ------pretty please ....."

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Eliz (not verified)
What about Sunday 3/25?

If tomorrow is cancelled because of windchill, is it possible that the self-classification could take place on both saturday and sunday next weekend? or will it be saturday for everyone?


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