XC skiing Sat if there's enough snow?

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"Anyone for XC skiing in the magic of a snow-covered Central Park this Saturday morning (assuming my SIG group cancels, of course)?

I usually figure 5-6"" and then it's doable.

Have my own skis so can go at the drop of a hat; morning, earlyish would be better as I think it will compact and melt off soon on Sat.

Give a holler if there's interest/."

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Go early

The dog-walkers and photo-takers of nyc do not respect XC tracks. If you go before the snow stops falling you'll have fewer of them to compete with.

Would love to go tom'w but can't. Meh.

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Paul (not verified)
During the storm of '96

I skied down Park Avenue. I wish I had taken pictures

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dwiener (not verified)
Westside Greenway

is not good for skiing as they seem to plow it first thing. I'd meet you in the park but tore my calf on a downhill run last week. But if there is enough snow and it lasts I may just tape up the leg and go to Fahnestock Park on Tuesday.

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