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"It is 90% certain that I will cancel for tomorrow. I will try to make the ""call"" for Sat. around 4:30 Friday afternoon on the message board (as the forecasts are updated around 4PM). I will be cautious even if the city roads look OK there will be a good chance that the roads to our North (including our destination) will be wet on Sat. morn. In fact we all need to be flexible re the entire weekend because Sunday's road conditions could also be dicey, so we might be canceling for Sunday or perhaps opt to doing some laps (if the park is OK but the Burbs have wet roads). Stay tuned......... mark for the B SIG team"

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mark gelles (not verified)
B SIGs Cancelled for 3/17, re- scheduled 3/18

Official postponement notice all 3 pace categories Scarsdale/Harstdale rides

We will try to get our ride in on Sunday, same meeting place, same time. Even if it is not precipitating when you get up on Saturday morning, we will not do the ride on Saturday (as roads to our North might be dangerous). We will monitor situation and post again re Sunday’s ride, so remain patient & watch this message board. Thanks….mark for the B SIG Team

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michelle (not verified)


Thanks so much for calling Saturday's ride in such a timely fashion! I hope the roads clear-up by Sunday and that we get a ride in - I will stay tuned!


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Eric Rayvid (not verified)
Hartsdale had 9 inches of snow right now

I have a friend who lives in Chappaqua (sp?) - which is right next to Hartsdale - who just called and told me that they have nine inches of snow on the ground already.

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Grandpa (not verified)

When I was your age we used to bike through 9, 15, 18 inches of snow. Uphill, and we never complained!

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Aviva (not verified)
Dear Grumpy Man

"And I will bet... ""And you liked it!!!"" :)"

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