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"I don't have one. But I really hope to see lots of pix of the St. Nick double parking zone. Especially the cop cars."

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phil (not verified)

"I must be missing something. For example, I was reading ""the problem"" on that site, and I came upon this gem:

# Illegal permit parking degrades the quality of the air that New Yorkers breathe, which contributes to increased risk of health problems like asthma, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Can someone explain how this happens? Apparently it is not the gazillion cars rolling around manhattan, but the ones that are parked, that are emitting harmful gases into the atmosphere?

Smells like another overexaggerating activist, but I could be wrong."

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matthew (not verified)
Illegal permit parking degrades air

"Curbside saturation and increased cruising for parking have negative impacts on air quality, which is a cause of asthma, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

In areas of increased permit parking, curbs are saturated longer, cars can't reach the curbside to park and end up cruising for elusive parking spaces. Worse, if parkers are occupying No Standing Zones, bus stops, or other illegal places that are meant to be open for the movement of vehicles, you get more cruising, more traffic back-up, more pollution, decreased quality of life.

--cf. 1995 DOT/Falcocchio study finding 100% curbside saturation during weekday work hours leads to 14% cruising average for parking space in Downtown Manhattan with permit parkers a large reason for such rates
Shoup, Donald, High Cost of Free Parking, p. 287

--cf. 2006 Schaller Consulting Study in Soho - 28% cruising for parking

--cf. 2007 Transportation Alternatives Study of parking and cruising in Park Slope. Exponential relationship between curb saturation and illegal parking, double parking, etc. 45% cruising rates


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phil (not verified)

"Thanks for clarifying, Matt.

While I'm not conviced this ballyhooing will do anything against the polluting monster that is the automobile, a dozen click-through's later I ended up upon this highly agreeable post: ...

Even for someone as cynical as me, that's too much. People who get bottled water trucked to their houses, houses that have all the convenience of modern plumbing, should indeed be struck repeatedly with heavy mining equipment (c) George Carlin."

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Roscoe George (not verified)
St Nick?

"What, pray tell, is the ""St. Nick double parking zone?"""

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Reindeer and sleighs of course

What else could it be?

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Anyone (not verified)
Parked cars


If these city workers were not given permits they would probably take mass transit into the city, not drive their cars. Get it?

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