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I am considering riding my bike to work. Does anyone know of a safe route for me to take?

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Paul (not verified)
This should get you started

"Check out the NYC Cycling map

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Rich Conroy (not verified)
Where in the Bronx?

I bike from the Bronx near Montefiore/Botanical Garden hospital to the upper west side using mostly bike paths. Get a New York City Bike map which can help you plan a route (I think you can call 311 to get one free).

Also, Bike New York will be offering a free ""Bike to Work"" class in May. Check the Bike Month Calendar or for exact details. If you want, email me off the message board and I can give you more info about commuting from the Bronx to Manhattan.

Rich Conroy"

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sebastian (not verified)
bronx, lower manhattan

my guess is the mc combs, then cut across manhattan, which is very narrow here and get on the bike path on the westside

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