Happy Birthday Terry!

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I'm sure that all of the A-19 SIG riders want to wish a


to Terry, one of our great A-19 SIG leaders!

P.S. What's up with the snow forcasted for Saturday?

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Ted (not verified)
Leaders too

Happy Birthday, Jiminy.

The current forecast for the 24th is 56 and sunny!

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Allison (not verified)

Yes, happy, happy, happy!!! Ok, so I missed this morning . . . .

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terry (not verified)

Quite alright Allison. As our fearless club Pres let me know what it feels like to turn 50 - slow! so maybe I'll have 50 more to catch him!
You can buy me hot chocolate to ease my bruised ego: thanks Jeff, good luck in the Dolomites!

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rob (not verified)

I am so very sorry I was laid up and missed riding with you on your 50th! I know I promised I would pull you up Harlem hill, but you'll have to take a rain check. I hope you celebrated well. See you when it's light out....

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