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Calling all word nerds.

The club is looking for 2-3 copy editors to help us proof the Club's bulletin on a monthly basis. Typically requires 1 or 2hrs of your time, routinely the 3rd week of the month.

The previous Bulletin Editor had his cavalry of help, and we're looking for others. If you're part of the old guard and would be willing to continue helping, please drop me a line (it's less that I feel the need to replace you, but more that I've misplaced your contact info…)

Contact me offline if interested.

Looking forward to it.

heykmleyATyahooDOTcom (you know what to do)

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roadrash (not verified)

Yep, you should have had a copy editor edit your thread title.

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Kim (not verified)


So, are you going to volunteer for the job?

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kley (not verified)

Huh… I assumed – incorrectly – the rhetorical nature of my thread title was clear.

I was wrong.


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Susan Rodetis (not verified)
I'll volunteer to take turns on the monthly editing

I'm a professional writer/editor/financial analyst, so I can pitch in. Will take turns with whomever else; just pls. let me know in advance so nothing gets jammed up schedule-wise.


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Shervyn (not verified)
Would love to help

if you are still looking.


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Morene (not verified)
Can do

Glad to help...editing is my life (when I'm not cycling, that is). If it's only an hour or two per month, I'd be glad to help.

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bomberpete (not verified)

There are some first-class people responding to this, especially Susan Rodetis.

If you're not overwhelmed with offers of help, I'm the former editor of the 5BBC's newsletter and would be glad to help out as well.

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