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The New York Road Runners are looking for a couple of cyclists for a race in Central Park this weekend. The race is 8K (approx 5 miles) and involves upper echelon runners, including professionals. The cyclists' responsibilities would be to keep the road ahead of the race clear of pedestrians, dogs, other cyclists, etc. The pace will be fast, so you should be able to ride a lap at the park in under 25 minutes comfortably to be able to do this. I can only use two or three people at the most. The race starts at 9:00am, you will need to be there 30 minutes before that to check in. You may be asked to ride a second loop to sweep the course, but that would be about the extent of it. Anyone interested should contact me as soon as possible, e-mail to both [email protected] and [email protected], or call me at 917.837.9010 before 10:00pm today.

This is a good way for us to be good neighbors with the NYRR. If we help them, it becomes easier to ask them to help us!

George Arcarola

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Carol Waaser (not verified)

George, is it Saturday or Sunday?

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Herb (not verified)

Saturday, Carol.

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George Arcarola (not verified)

I was thinking the same way, SIG on Saturday, road race on Sunday... (sigh).. it was not to be.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Can the NYRR not send our MB a note telling us it is using CP?

I see we've advanced to the point that we can extend ourselves to go to a URL to see when the NYRR is controlling the park to our exclusion as riders.

Can no one prevail on the NYRR--I've been unable to do so--to bestir itself to put a note on our message board each week announcing they are running a race, day and time?

After all, as they are the beneficiaries of the privileged use of the park for which we must accomodate them by, in effect, keeping out, it seems ill mannered that we should have to extend ourselves to find out when they are exerting dominion over the park for their own purposes. It seems merely appropriate that they notify us.

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Squeezed out (not verified)

Last Sunday there was an event they ran and reduced the park drive down to a single lane for anyone not in their event...which I found to be quite selfish.

This puts many people in harm's way; this mismanagement puts cyclists, non-racing runners, walkers, bladers, handsome cabs, pedicabs all in one lane. Accident waiting to happen.

It's exacerbated by the fact that most of their race marshalls are high school kids who seem rather oblivious.

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