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"Good service is... (from Time Out New York)

A bike shop where they match you perfectly with the bike"

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kc (not verified)

I really like Strictly Bicycle over at Fort Lee. Nelson the owner is a great guy. Reasonable price and great service.

On the contrary, Toga Bike Shop, which is only 1/2 mile from where I live is terrible with their service. They even try to charge taxes on the clothings that they sell that are under $110. I had to argue with them that this is not right. They told me these are considered sporting goods and not everyday clothings and therefore the rule doesn't apply, but I said Paragon in New York City does not charge tax on clothings under $110, not even swim suits. They finally gave in and waived the tax like they were doing me a favor. Also their repair shop does terrible works, I will never bring my bike back to get it repaired or tuned up again.

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