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I am looking to start biking on a regular basis. Initially my biking will consist of riding in central park and along the west side highway...That being said, once I get into biking shape, I would like to participate in some of the club's longer rides.

Where is a good place for me to purchase a bike?? Any recommendations on models?

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David (not verified)

Question how serious you wish to become. Set a price range for your bike. Question what type of riding you wish to do.

Any bike will do, but if you wish to go fast, a road bike is for you.
If you want to combine commuting with weekend rides, a hybrid or mountain bike is what you may want. If your wanting to do riding in the back country then a mountain bike will do.

For a bike built for speed that you don't wish to spend a arm and a leg, look at the Scwhinn fastback, or the Jamis. All could be had for under a $1,000. Naturally nicer componets, carbon, titanium or high end steel will start costing in the Thousands and your choices begin to mutiply and dizzy you, but shop and try is the only answer. For a mountain bike you could look at the giant iguana mb or treks 4300mb.
When you budget, budget for items like pedals if you go clipless and of course shoes and other bicycling apparel.
Gotham, Toga, Bicycle Habitat are good places to go start.

Good Luck.

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greg (not verified)
I see a lot of newbies with this one:

Good beginner bike

I hear they're quite good.

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Andy (not verified)

Try Sid's (34th St. betw. 2nd and 3rd Aves.) and ask for Zoltan. He's not only a thorough bike fitter but is a very friendly and realistic person. He won't try to sell you something way over your head. Very practical and very respectable and respectful. 212-213-8360.

If he's not there at the time, their sales help is quite friendly as well.

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Minda (not verified)

I second that Zoltan is awesome. Never bought a bike from him, but Zoltan rules nonetheless. Very patient and encouraging with beginners, at least that's what I experienced with him.

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RichFernandez (not verified)
where to begin.....

"Dave,I purchased my first road bike from a friend that just happened to be the same size as me,almost.My friend decreased the learning curve for me and I would read everything I can about bikes,cycling,ect.I would go to road bike review to look at the gallery and read the comments.Sometimes people would rag on each other because someones bike was set up like it was the wrong size,example:lots of seat post showing.Because I'm a retart I spent thousands of dollars I didnt have so I can have 5 bikes,dont make this mistake.Education is essential anything on the subject to give you an idea of what you want.On the other hand if you already know that and you want someone to point you in a direction then I would recommend Piermont.Piermont-bikes is the only shop I deal with because I can go into their shop and get my bike adjusted on the spot.They where doing this before I bought a bike from them(I would get other stuff from them though).I dont like Toga,dealt with them for sa minute dont deal with them anymore.Sids,I remember I bought my first expensive new bike it was a Jamis Dragon beautiful bike,spent like $2700,they pushed me out like it was nothing,as a result I dont walk into their store either.If you can make it up to Piermont ask for Glenn(closed on wed),look for a Cannondale(this is what I have,all alluminum)with Shimano 105 or ultegra or if you want to spend a little more and be a little different go with sram.You will need a pump(I bought a pump before I had a bike)maybey an extra set of wheels(only if you want lighter/stiffer and nicer ones to show off on the weekends)x-tra tires,inertubes,co2 system,water bottles,helmet,eyewear,a cycle computer(power meter if your competitive and are loaded and can hire a coach or coach yourself),possibly and indoor trainer or rollers(I have and love my Kreitler 4"" rollers),cycling shoes,cleats,cleaning supplies,lubricants,clothing(you cant miss with Pearl Izumi),sports energy drink,pocket food,I'm sure I missed somethin important,but the important thing is to have fun,Dont be afraid to ask all the questions you have and be safe.Other good names are Specialized,Trek,Kestral,Scott,BMC,Cervelo.Italian stuff is pretty but you'll pay for it.Rich"

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RF (not verified)

Oh yeah dont forget to tell us the story of what you decided to get and where and experience;ect.Rich

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Jim Zisfein (not verified)
First bike purchase

"You will buy your bike at a bike shop, of course. A bike shop will fit the bike to you and assemble it properly. If you're within reasonable distance of Lower Manhattan, I recommend Bicycle Habitat, but most local bike shops will do the job well.

***Don't*** go to the likes of Toys R Us or Costco, where they will sell you junk and assemble it badly.

I recommend the ""hybrid"" design as the best compromise of comfort, rideability, and price. I'm familiar with the Trek 7000 series (now called the 7.x) and can recommend the 7300 (7.3) which I rode 100 miles to Montauk last year.

Lower-end bikes in the Trek hybrid series (e.g., the 7100 or 7.1) have cheaper components that are more likely to fail. If you don't need a suspension fork, go with the ""FX"" series and save some money and weight.

The Trek 7.3FX is $490 at Bicycle Habitat.


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Minda (not verified)

"If you're like me, a beginner looking to ""seriously"" ride, I strongly recommend Toga Bike Shop on 64th & West End Ave. Ask for Will Alvarado - he will make really good recommendations and fit you. I recently bought a Specialized women's road bike with him that fits me incredibly well (I'm very petite and there used to be no ""standard"" bikes for me). Pretty much every serious biker friend I have recommended Toga so I would start there."

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batnib (not verified)

I second this suggestion. Will and Mike at Toga got me started with my Specialized Ruby last year (my first bike since I was 13), which I love. Plus, they're such nice guys, they will continue to help you as you get into cycling. They, Will, especially, are really terrific and helpful. And if something they recommend doesn't work for you--they'll help get it right.

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Minda (not verified)

"Just have to chuckle at the ""my first bike since I was 13."" It was the same for me. I am so in love with and obsessed with my bike. It is so awesome to finally have a real ""adult"" road bike fit me !!!! Roar!! Yea!!! OK I think I've let it all out, back to our regularly scheduled message board...

(I wish they made adult mountain bikes that fit me :( )"

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Barbara Gillespie (not verified)
Tips for Buying My First Road Bike

I am new to the NYCC and posted a similar inquiry to the message board on March 8th entitled 'Tips for Buying My 1st Road Bike'. It might be helpful for you to read through the thread for that message since the responders provided a ton of extremely useful information. Good Luck!

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Ringlah (not verified)
Do you have a car???

If you have a car, I would recommend going up to Outdoor Sports in Wilton, CT. They usually have a great selection from the previous years bikes. I got a much better bike then I normally would have because they cut the price so much. They are very helpful and have a fantastic facility. They are located on Danbury Road in Wilton.

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