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"A Beijing driver who infamously threw aside the bicycle of a foreign woman who had blocked his way has apologized to her on television.



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Paul (not verified)


I play a similar game on 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn. Often you'll get a clown that decides the bike lane is his private expressway, so I'll catch them at the light, pull in front of them and stop. When the light turns red it's nearly certain that the driver will lean on the horn and demand I move out of the way. I need to learn to smile as I think it's an excellent response to their selfish behaviour.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
"Personal note to ""Pacfill"""

I forwarded the URL you posted to Jen Benepe who does a darn good blog of biking in NYC. In putting it on her blog she credited me with it.

I just wrote her to say I was not due the credit (and hope she'll thus remove my name). I would like you to get the credit due you for the find.

Unfortunately, as you posted anonymously and without even a mailbox, I can't write you this directly nor, of course, can I give Jen your name.

Please contact me directly so I can.

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Edoin Srudelo (not verified)

"""I must say sorry to the foreign lady. I acted too rashly at that time. I shouldn't have thrown her bicycle to the ground,"" Niu said on a popular Beijing TV programme.""

He further apologized by donating his kidneys, heart, liver and lungs to an organ bank.

The rest of his body will be buried as soon as his family pays for the bullet.

""In some places the law is harsher than in other places.""
--Pankicz the Philosopher
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