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I may have a job offer in Boston and am trying to weigh the costs/benefits of moving there.
What is cycling like there? Are there nice rides within a short distance of the city, as there are in NYC? What is the racing scene like? Are there any 'loops' similar to what we have in central and prospect parks?

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Bob Ross (not verified)

"When I lived in Boston I wasn't as ""serious"" a cycling enthusiast as I've since become, but I am aware of one excellent loop that I rode semi-regularly on weekends: There is a multi-use path that parallels the Charles River on both the Boston & Cambridge sides. If you start just south of Harvard Square & ride south-east along the river you should be able to get all the way down to (...umm...err...sorry, brain fart...oh yeah, I think it's) Lechmere Square, cross the river by the Museum of Science, than ride back west/north-west along the Esplanade. Makes for a loop of about N miles, where N is some number larger than 5 but smaller than 20."

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Avi Robinson (not verified)
Two thumbs up

I grew up in the Western suburbs and the cycling in that area is beautiful. It's a more forested version of Bergen County.

No matter where you are living, you should be able to get to beautiful cycling country in under ten miles - which is probably no different than your experience here in New York.

There is no club with the size and organization of the NYCC, but you should check out the Charles River Wheelmen - In addition to organized rides (many of which require a car to get to), they also map out recommended bike routes in the greater Boston area.

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tom m (not verified)
bike path

check out this: you can ride from Porter Square, Cambridge.

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Bob Ross (not verified)
Minuteman Bikeway, yes!

I'd forgotten about that, that's a wonderful ride. Can get a bit crowded with bladers and pedestrians (as can the Charles River MUP I mentioned in my previous post) but still a lovely ride.

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Marci (not verified)
plenty of good cycling

As a former Bostonian, I second Avi's comments both regarding proximity to good cycling and the Charles River Wheelmen. Although not as robust as NYCC, they are a great club and offer excellent, beautiful rides. I most recently did one with them last summer while visiting for the weekend. There are plenty of great shops as well. There are many other reasons not to want to leave NYC, but I wouldn't make that one of them.

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chris Y (not verified)
agree with above

I grew up in Cambridge and Andover (north of boston)

The cycling options are great. Roads are nice and it's pretty easy to get out of the city.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
2 GREAT bike shops in the Boston area...or so I hear

While I haven't been into Wheelworks or IBC, I've worked with both of them long distance and, even before that, heard from people high in the industry (no, not drugged), these were truly superior (high-end/pro-level) shops and that judgment was made in consideration of stores nationwide. I believe it.

As for bikes manufactured in the area, Merlin used to be. Seven (Watertown) and IF/Independent Fabrication (Sommerville) are.

Bicycle Guide was published in Boston. I think Ride is.

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Bob Ross (not verified)
and custom builder Peter Mooney works out of the Wheelworks shop

(I believe)

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chris y (not verified)
wheels works

I second Wheels Works as a great shop. They sponsor a good team -- with a wide variety of levels. There are store in both Belmont (main store) and Someville. [at least as of when I was there last.]

The place would probably be a good starting point for info about training rides.

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