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Looking to buy a new set of bibs. Found a good deal on a pair of last years Castelli pro y bib shorts. Also good deals on last years Pearl Izumi ultrasensor and areosensor bibs. Is there that much of a difference betweens last years model to this years.

Any thoughts?

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S. (not verified)
Castelli Y Pro bib short

I use seven or eight different brands/models, the Y Pro bib is one of the best for me.

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Jeff (not verified)

I bought two pairs of Castelli Y-Pro 3 bib shorts early last year and I now I hate to ride with anything else. I use them for all rides except spin classes. Some of the labels have peeled a bit, but the chamois has been great and the material is still elastic. I wash them in the sink with woolite after every ride (hate to throw used shorts in the hamper to fester until laundry day), occasionally wash them in a front-loading machine, and I'll probably get another season out of these two pairs. I'll never go back to non-bib shorts for outdoor riding, and I'll never go cheap on shorts either. Get the Castelli's, you'll like them.

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Anonymous (not verified)

In what way exactly do your bib shorts feel or wear differently than your non-bib shorts? Just curious if I'm missing something by wearing non-bibs only.

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Rob (not verified)

I think Hincapie makes the best ones out there. They are also cheap for what you get.

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Sonny (not verified)

I bought a pair of Hincapie knickers for Christmas (got a gift and this was the only brand of knickers in the store that were in my size). I had never used Hincapie before. I must admit that I have been extremely pleased and they are a value. The bibs are not cheap but I believe comparable to bibs in the $150 range from other manufacturers at a lower cost.

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Yogi (not verified)
Good Value

under $50.00 US

Link-safe for work?

cycling trips