Looking for a relatively flat road for time-trial training...

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...that's nice and long, limited stops, and (if possible) within biking distance of NYC. Any suggestions? Thanks

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John Z (not verified)
Floyd Bennett Field (nm)
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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)


I'm not a fast cyclist, but on a given day, I could be in these places in and beyond the NYC area:

0) Central Park. Just avoid the hilly north end and take the short cut.

00) Prospect Park. Shorter than CP, but nice run.

1) Father Cappodanno Blvd., Staten Island in both directions. It's also a bike lane. Near Midland and South Beach boardwalk, restrooms and delis nearby. You could ride a new greenway into Ft. Wadsworth and do a nice climb on a road under the Verrazano bridge. Visitor center and small deli (The Carriage House) nearby. You could also sprint on Edgewater St., a few miles from Ft. Wadsworth, before you take the ferry back to Manhattan. Check a map and do a ride at a slower pace before you crank it up.

2) Sandy Hook, NJ take the Seastreak ferry (Pier 11) to Highlands. It's about 2 miles to this Federal park. Nice tailwind from the toll booths to the outer section of the Hook. When I lead my ""C"" rides there, folks can speed up to 20mph on a good tailwind, on Atlantic Dr. (don't take the greenway!) before unwinding at North Beach. By the way, there's supposed to be an annual time trial race in April.
Ferry info: www.seastreak.com

3) Amagansett, Water Mill to Montauk, Suffolk County, Long Island. You could take the LIRR to Amagansett and ride all the way to the end of Eastern Long Island--Montauk. Take the Montauk LIRR back to the city. Or better yet, do the nearly flat 5BBC Montauk Century on Sun. May 20.

4) Ride to Stony Point, NY. Turn around on Rt. 9W and turn right at the intersection to Rt. 303. Ride all the way to Bergen County, which turns into Rt. 505. Then take a careful left turn into Oak Tree Rd. and a right into Piermont Road. You could see some bamboo grooves (!) on the right. Nice sprint all the way to the Bicycle Workshop store in Tenafly, NJ. Again consult a map and ride slowly to check out area.

Hope this helps,

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Cross Bay Blvd (nm)


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Nick Trippel (not verified)

It's been a while since I did it so my memory may be faulty, but it seemed like Rockaway Beach Blvd / Rockaway Freeway was long, straight and flat for miles when I was out there last Spring on a Saturday. When I was there in the afternoon, there was very little cross-traffic, and in a lot of places you've got the beach on your right when heading east so you can peddle for miles without stopping. I think they may have speed bumps in a few places, but I think they taper off on the sides so you can get around them on a bike.

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<a href="http://www.OhReallyOreilly.com">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn
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Paul (not verified)

I'll third it as it's big enough that you can have an entire runway to yourself.

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David (not verified)

Try Liberty State Park. Only 5 minutes from downtown NY. Straight runs and flat.

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Bob Ross (not verified)

There's a stretch of L.I.E. service road that Hal Eskenazi's Oyster Bay Rides go over, I think it's something like six miles of flat, straight empty road with maybe one traffic light. Ask Hal for the specific location. It's an awesome chunk of road for all out balls-to-the-walls sprinting.

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