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Tour de France

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does anyone know at what point we will be able to figure out [how far in advance] which will be the best stage to plan to watch?

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chris y (not verified)

"My 2 cents worth. Without consulting this years route map, I think the best place to watch the race would be:

1) a statge that finishes with some laps in a town. Watch the start then boogie to the finish to find a spot to watch. You get to see the racers warm up, sign in, the race at the the start, then get to see the laps and sprints at the end.

2) Alternatively, find a good mountain climb, bring some wine, cheese and friends, then wait for the slow train to come to distribute free stuff (Please refrain from hitting the riders with he free green hands, like someone mistakenly did recently), then watch as tired riders come by slow enough for you to actually see them... but only once. (you could try to get to the finish if you're at a mid to early mountain of the stage.)


added: nice site with profiles of all stages...

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Hector (not verified)

No Tour stages finish with laps around a town. All the sprint stages are straight run ins except for the final stage in Paris where they do laps up and down the Champs-Elysees. Conversely, the Tour of California, for example, has laps (or finishing circuits) in the finishing city at the end of each sprint stage to build up crowd support.

I would watch a mountain stage that way you can actually ride the same climbs before or after the actual race. Stages 8, 9 (the Galibier), 14 (Plateau-de-Beille) and 16 (Aubisque) look like nice stages.

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pedalpusher (not verified)

the final stage in Paris, in addition to proceeding up and down the Champs, does take a spin along the riverside, which in spots is nowhere nearly as crowded as the main drag. You can watch from above by standing at the edge of the tuileries and looking toward the river, or, with a little walking, you can usually find a spot to stand right against the barriers down on the road (the quai des tuileries, I think).

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Rob (not verified)

My wife and I went to the stage that finished at Mont Ventoux a few years ago. While you only get to see the riders once, the party and people there were great.

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Colleen (not verified)
best stage viewed from an NYC bar

I'm guessing this is what Hal means, but he can clarify.

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phil (not verified)

doh... no alp d'huez this year? :<

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
Tour de France-viewing

colleen, thanks for the interpretation to english. exactly what i meant.
I really need to stop this triple multi-tasking.

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Hector (not verified)

Well in that case I would say stage 14 to Plateau de Beille.

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