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I'm thinking of buying an indoor trainer. I see that there are several different kinds of trainers. Can anyone tell me what the differences are and/or give me a recommendation of what to buy?



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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
Indoor training over internet

If you buy a Computrainer .... you can hook up your PC and use Netathalon software and ride with others over the internet ... I know people who do this. It's a great workout and you are not cycling alone ... you get to meet others as well.

The graphics are unbelievable, BTW.

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Jeff Robins (not verified)

I have a Comptrainer new in the box that I'm looking to sell. If you decide after you do your research that you are interested, contact me off line.

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Paul (not verified)
All good advice, but...

"If you're like me you'll quickly grow bored of the trainer and find that biking in the cold is always better than biking on a trainer (assuming you're not stuck indoors for health or child supervisory reasons).

Don't know where to bike? Try the park or the Greenway that more or less goes around Manhattan."

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John Z (not verified)
Indoor Training

For training -- structured, planned workouts such as intervals, 2 (or 3) X 20s, L4 FTP workouts and high L3 workouts up to 90 minutes, I greatly prefer indoor training. Indoor training is focused and time efficient. I don't require graphics, just some music videos and one other crucial item -- adequate cooling. If you a not cold when you start, the room is too warm.

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Robert Shay (not verified)
Floor mat and fan...


Make sure to consider getting a reasonably thick floor mat and inexpensive fan. The floor mat will keep the floor from getting dirty and buffer the noise to your neighbors. The fan will keep you cool - my preference is for an inexpensive floor fan pointed at my back (so I don't get a sore throat).

Sample of a fan (I got mine for $12):

Sample of a floor mat (I use the 3/8"" version):"

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jc (not verified)
One more to consider
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Jeff (not verified)
Online Resources

"There is a really good article about cycling indoors at, a new online shopping and product comparison site...
Ride Your Bike Year Round

The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine is featured, but there are links for all sorts of things related to riding indoors."

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Claudette (not verified)
See this thread

There are several types depending on where you use it, your budget and your riding preferences. I have a kinetic fluid trainer and it's great. Others prefer rollers, others magnetic trainers.

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Rich (not verified)
I second the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine

"After reading a few too many reviews I bought the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine a couple weeks ago. Its pricey, but worth every penny. Solid , smooth and quiet. Its the one the Spartans used at Thermopylae.

Best price $275 including free shipping-

Add"" target=""_new"">


a MagRiser2 Front Wheel Holder for Just $9.99 additional.

I also have rollers which, at least for me,take a little more motivation to use.


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John (not verified)

Wait a few seconds and then hit Select size

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Anna (not verified)

Thanks, everyone.

I'll go through the links now. I need to first figure out what all the different kinds are (kinetics, computrainers, rollers, etc) and then do some price shopping!

Thanks again!


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