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Does anyone do the NY Century ride in Sept. If so, I would like to get some folks together. I did it alone once and it's not such fun.

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Carol Waaser (not verified)

This year our Century (Escape New York) will be in October.

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Ash (not verified)

Do you mean the transportaion alternatives century that goes through all the boroughs? I'd be up for getting a crew together.

I did it last year as well. Some stop and go nonsense in Quenns, but other than that a great way to explore a lot of New York that I had never seen.

There were some real strong messengers and track guys on fixed gears, and I learned a lot from their techniques for city riding (mainly dealing with traffic).

Also it's a nice way to support biking in general in the city- lots of people come out that wouldn't nomrally bike cennturies.

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Dani Simons (not verified)
T.A. NYC Century Bike Tour

If you're looking for T.A.'s NYC Century Bike Tour, it will be on Sunday, Sept. 9th. For more info see Hope to see you there!



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hal eskenazi (not verified)
ta century

"i usually do the ride & wouldn't mind riding with a ""small"" gp other then the 5500 already there

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0o (not verified)

So it seems that some of you would like a group under 5500.

Some of you more advanced riders will likely find it boring. But for a nice spin around a borough or three, stopping for donuts and getting a flimsy t-Shirt at the's the NY Century Ride on Sunday, September 9th

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