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"I'm selling my beautiful custom steel Independant Fabrication touring bike (because I'm getting a new IF club racer). I'm 5'3"" with shortish legs and longish torso. The frame is probably the equivalent of a 46 mm, but it's a compact frame so difficult to measure what the seat tube height would actually be. Components are Shimano, combination of Ultegra (including women's specific shifters) and XT 9-speed (to get the 34t cog). Bike is 8 or 9 years old, but always well-maintained and never crashed. (Yes, all my many crashes have happened on other bikes - this one has never gone down!) The bike is made for loaded touring, but I've done many club rides on it - it's a honey of a bike.

$1,000 price might be negotiable and I will throw in some extra gear, like rear rack, maybe front rack, definitely fenders.

Email me through link above."

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me (not verified)

I was hoping to open this and see that it was sold.
cause I want it

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Carol Waaser (not verified)
NOT Sold Yet (nm)
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me (not verified)

stop tempting me...
I'm getting that if you bring one more bike into this house look from my other half (she who has 4 herself...)

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[email protected] (not verified)

"Dammit, Carol! You're singlehandedly ruining the resale value of IF bikes in the NYC area. Replacement cost on the frame alone is $2K! (I oughta report you to Allen.)

IF Bikes

For anyone considering a long term investment to do club rides or touring, it doesn't get any better than this re: speed, comfort, versatility, quality and cache.

Roadbike Reviews on the Indendent Fabrication lineup.

The Club Racer is a Crown Jewel with braze-ons and geometry approriate for touring.

For newbies who may be unfamiliar, you'd buying from a former NYCC President. That should allay concerns about the seller's representations of the bike's history.

Finally, fit is fundamental, (if it does not fit, you must allit ... ) but if you're about Carol's size, you should seriously consider."

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Carol Wood (not verified)

I would buy it in a second if I didn't already have five bikes.

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Bob Ross (not verified)

I would buy it in a second if I was a foot shorter...

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Carol Waaser (not verified)

Thanks, Neile. (No, I didn't pay him to pimp for me.) The one I'm selling is the Independance (just replaced by the Club Racer - picked it up today . . . oh, yeah!) The Independance is full touring geometry, but as I said, I've done many a comfortable club ride on it - and I've also done a number of loaded tours on it. It's a very versatile bike.

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barbara levitan (not verified)

"let me pitch it to Monica and see if i can convince her she ""needs"" another bike."

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