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Looks like we've lucked out with the weather for the 2nd weekend in a row.
We'll do the planned route to lunch in N. White Plains then up Rt22 to Whipoorwill/Nannyhagen and over the ridges to the Hudson and Tarrytown (50mi). 68mi to Marble Hill(225th st #1 train) or 77 all the way home. There are options to bypass Whippoorwill or ride direct to Tarrytown.
Bring MNRR Rail pass and some rain protection. Wet weather is scheduled late, but you know weather forecasts.
To meet us en route, I est. we'll be at Ft.Tryon Pk. entrance 10-10:15, and the B'way Br 10:15-10:30.
Route is in ride Library under 'NYC - N. White Plains - Kensico Loop - Tarrytown'

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rr (not verified)
When/where does this ride start? (nm)
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Robert Shay (not verified)

Will you be coming out of NYC on the Grand Concourse or Route 9/Broadway?

Your email suggests Route 9/Broadway, but the cue sheet in the library says Grand Concourse/Webster.

If Route 9/Broadway will you be crossing 179th street and Broadway?


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Fred Steinberg (not verified)
A19 STS #2 questions

We meet 9:30 at the Central Park Boathouse.

Re the Grand Concourse.
Yes the library version has it and I printed up 30 cue/map sheets with it but we use a better route. Too late for a new version now. Thank you for pointing this out!

We take RSD, exit at 181st street, then Cabrini Blvd into Ft. Tryon Park, then Henshaw St > Dykman St to Seaman Ave and 218th st > Broadway to the B'way bridge. Then zig zag over to Moshulu Pkwy to Webster Ave.

So if you want to meet the ride the best place is at the Ft.Tryon Park Ft. Washington Ave Entrance (Mary ????? circle) or Bway & 225th St.

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Confused (not verified)

Is the rail pass mandatory for tomorrow's ride, or will the group be riding all the way back to Manhattan? I want to attend but don't have a pass currently.

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Robert Shay (not verified)
Thanks for the great ride!

I enjoyed riding with the group - and only one person in the group of over 30 had a flat before the diner! Incredible! Plus, interesting zig zag from Broadway to Webster Ave.

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Ron Roth (not verified)
Don't fret about the rail pass

The worst that will happen is that a conductor will ask you for one, you won't have it and s/he will charge you $5.00, give you a receipt, and tell you to stop buy the booth in Grand Central to redeem the receipt for a pass. If they don't ask for the pass and you intend on doing rides with us in the future, you will need it sooner or later anyway as the MNRR is a staple of transportation for many of the rides done within the club.

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Jeff Greco (not verified)
ride start & distance

I am a bit confused. Where and when is the ride start? What is the distance: 50, 68, or 77 miles?


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Fred Steinberg (not verified)
ride start and distance

Ride start is 0930 at the boathouse.

Re: distances, all of the above.
Ride as far as you like and take the train home.

The distance to the N.Castle Diner in NWP is 27mi.
Then its another 23 to Tarrytown and the MNRR station. You can bypass Whippoorwill and save 3 mi and some climbing.
It's another 18mi to the 225th street/#1 train and another 9mi to Central park if you still want to ride and you like urban mileage.

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Rob Gill (not verified)
Great ride today everyone

Thx Ron a Gerald for a great ride! I should have taken the train :] those last 20 miles back to the city HURT.

Gerald, I show we ascended 3621 feet.


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