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B SIGs 3/10 rides to Westwood NJ

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  • B SIGs 3/10 rides to Westwood NJ
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"As discussed at last week’s orientation; Fred purchased the cue clips and we have them. If you would like to buy one, please get to the start a few minutes early & bring a five dollar bill to cover the cost. We will not deal with singles as our lycra already doesn’t look great & will get even worse w/a bunch of singles.
Our classes will start at 9:30 AM sharp, please make sure you are there a few minutes before.
Please dress appropriately, it is going to be cold at the start. Based on the forecast we don’t anticipate having to cancel - so the ride is on. In the very unlikely event that the forecast changes drastically I will post again in the morning. Mark for the B SIG team

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Mark Gelles (not verified)
B SIG is on for Saturday

Our rides are on see you at the shed 9:20 AM mark for the B SIG Team

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