Free Training and Racing Clinic at Sid's Bike 3/13/07

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There will be a free indoor training and racing clinic
at Sid's Bikes on 34th Street at 7:00pm on Tuesday March 13th. All level cyclists are invited.

Details here:

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Greg Faber (not verified)

you need to sign a release form and it's limited to the first 15 people who get there

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Andy (not verified)
100% Incorrect information about the clinic at Sid's 3/13.

I've double-checked with Zoltan at Sid's: there is NO waiver or release form to sign, and absolutely NO limit to 15 people; maybe more like 50.

Greg: Where did you get this information? Wherever you got it from, it's completely incorrect. It's an off-the-bike clinic; nothing dangerous about it.

Show up and learn from a very experienced former national champion who is also a super-nice guy.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 13). 7PM-approx. 9PM.

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Judith Tripp (not verified)
Spin class -- bring your own bike

Greg's probably thinking of Will's class -- (is it Will? Still held?) but that sounds most likely.

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