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I read briefly in an Italian language papar that this summer Paris will make available bikes for the general public to use. Some 3,000 are scheduled to be put near major turist attractions and train stations. First half hour ,free. after that ,1 Euro for the next hour ect.. Swipe your C.C. and unleash the bike ,use it and drop it off at the nearest bike parking venue ..
We can't even get Mike ( Blumburg) to even give us bike racks .... never mind the bikes , haha

Happy cycling ,
Tony M.

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bill vojtech (not verified)

The government never ""gives"" anything to anybody– they take from one and transfer to another.

So who should they steal from to ""give"" us free racks and bikes?"

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Dennis Wiener (not verified)

I was up in New Paltz one weekend last summer, and I think it was the Leukemia Society, had a borrow a bike program. There were racks around town where you could take and later drop off a bike for a suggested donation. At the time I was there, there was a reward posted for one of the bikes that went missing. Don't know how many bikes were in the program.

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Geo Carl Kaplan (not verified)
bike racks

Apply to DOT for bike rack(s) in front of your building(s).

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Natalia Lincoln (not verified)
Yep, did that...

"...two years later, no nothin' from the dear old DOT. Nice to know they care. :

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