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"'Extreme Commuter' cycles 200 blocks a day

(You can also view a video and slideshow on the same page.)

I'm happy to see a story that shows that it isn't a big deal to ride to work, rather that it's extremely liberating. It can be done with regular clothes and a $100 second-hand bike."

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some guy (not verified)
omg wtf she's a nurse on a bike w/o a helmet

omg hahahaha

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Paul (not verified)

I wear regular bike gear for my 6 mile commute simply because it's more comfortable and I don't care if I get dirty, wet, etc.
The only days I sweat are the ones I decide to race home, so if you take it easy you can still average 12 mph (inclusive of stops) and not sweat.

It was foolish to film her blowing lights but I tend to think much of this was staged as she probably intentionally lost the gloves, hat and helmet so she'd look good for the camera.

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Avi Robinson (not verified)

As an intensive care nurse, she's changing into nursing clothes at the hospital.

My coworkers would be quite unhappy if I spent all day in clothes that I had biked in that morning.

I agree with all the commenters on the AM NY thread that it doesn't do the cycling community good to hear her boast about running red lights.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
I commute in regular clothes

I either have a clean shirt and undershirt at work or carry them with me. No big deal.

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