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"In this month's Bicycling Magazine Chris Carmichael recommends interval training. The text says "" 4x1 minute at max effort (as fast as you can sustain) with one minute easy recovery between each."" He later says ""Take eight minutes of easy spinning between sets."" Does this mean 1 set is 1 minute at max and 1 minute recovery 4 times?


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John M. (not verified)

You repeat all out 1 min / spin easy 1 min, for four repititions. Then spin easy for 8 minutes to recover, before beginning again.

Clearly this is the most fun aspect of the sport ;)

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Betsy Hafkin (not verified)
Thank you (nm)
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Richard Fernandez (not verified)

"You should also know that maximal efforts such as the one decribed are usually done during the ""peak"" portion of your training so dont put the carriage before the horse.However depending on your workload it can only make you tired or stronger or both.In other words emphasis should be on a ""total"" training program based on ""xyz"".There are good books that serve just that purpose"

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William (not verified)
Speed play (fartlek)

You might want to check out a somewhat less structured intensity variation method called 'fartlek' (swedish for 'speed play'). Might be a better choice if you're not at the peak portion of your training.


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