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I started the B sig on Saturday and want to begin doing some mid week workouts to keep up my endurance. The problem is I don't live in a very bike friendly neighborhood (Forest Hills,Queens). After commuting home from lower Manhattan, I cannot see myself going back into the city to do loops in Cental Park. I have ridden in Flushing Meadows Park a couple times but the road surface is terrible.Does anyone have any suggestions of good local places to ride?

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Ron Gentile (not verified)
Queens riding

Commute in your riding gear and go straight to CP from work, then ride home. You avoid the rush-hour traffic in Queens that way, too.

Queens does have lots of good places to ride, but the parks are not good for riding after dark. One option is to follow the greenway signs through Forest Park, up 164th St. to Kissena, Cunningham and Alley Pond, up along Little Neck Bay to Fort Totten, then back down Utopia Pkwy and 73rd Ave. Email me if you'd like more details. It's all in the bike map. I've also seen people do loops in Forest Park by following the Park Dr. until the end by Union Tpke., then turning right and taking Park Ln. back to Forest Parkway, and right on Forest Parkway to get back on Park Dr. Again, not good for night riding.

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I grew up in Queens. I know

I grew up in Queens. I know these roads. Good suggestion!

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Stéphane (not verified)

(the following route is well indicated on the NYC Cycling Map) You can reach the LIE Service Road using a route that is not too bad (two hours needed for an interesting ride, soon possible with Summer time).
From Forest Hills, go first to Cunningham Park (from Queens Bld I like to take 82 ave, then 83rd ave, left on Main Street till 73rd Ave till Cunningham Park, turn right and then left (on the sidewalk first) to take the Vanderbilt Motor Parkway which crosses Cunningham Park then Alley Pond Park : either make a left in Alley Pond Park to reach 232nd Street then a right to W. Alley Rd to LIE Service Road, or ride on the Vanderbilt Motor Parkway till the end (Winchester), short right and then left on Union Turnpike, left on Little Neck Parkway. You're near Lake Success, I then recommend Roslyn, Roslyn Harbor, Old Brookville, Upper Brookville Oyster Bay, Cove Neck, Laurel Hollow. Nice little roads.
Watch out on the way back on LIE Service Road, don't get on the Cross Island Parkway, make a left to take W. Alley Road back to 232nd Street.

Ride Safe,


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Richard Fernandez (not verified)

"I always wondered where people from Queens train,I know some of the Bklyn crew train in Long Island not sure where or how.I think its down Queens blvd past the courts near Van Wyck Blvd or something like that but I dont think its good after dark.Look into a trainer or rollers,especially if you commute-train from lower Manhattan to Forest Hills,If the problem is indeed lack of continuous riding and I can see why because its so crowded.Plus when you say ""endurance"" are you speaking of anaerobic or aerobic endurance or both?For most of us that would be both,just wanted to point out that there is a distinction."

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I used to head east toward

I used to head east toward Great Neck, kings Point, Sands Point and eve towards Bar Beach, however it seems many of the roads I used have far more traffic these days.  Roads North of Northern Blvd should be an option.

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John N (not verified)
Forest Hills

I live in Forest Hills as well and what I normally do is go down Yellowstone toward the LIE service road which links up with a peds overpass to Flushing Meadows Park. Follow the Greenway signs and head up a nice hill on Booth Memorial which links up with the Kissena Velodrome, which is cool to ride intervals when it is empty. Then continue through to Kissena Blvd which links up with the Cunningham path to the Alley Pond path aka the Vanderbilt Motorparkway. I can do this ride without seeing one cyclist, which leads me to believe there aren't many of us here or I just ride at off peak times. I think Queens is highly underated when it comes to cycling paths. When the weather is warmer let me know if you'd like to join me.

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David Hanna
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Spot on

This route is great.  I use it some early mornings.


Also if you are in the area of Flushing Meadow Park ride to the World's Fair Marina just past Cityfield.  The parking lot is great for intervals unless there is a baseball game going on.

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Dennis Griffin (not verified)
Queens Training

Dan: Forest Park is clearly your best bet. Depending upon where you live I suggest you get to QB and cross over to Ascan Ave. Take Ascan 3 blocks and make a Left unto Greenway North. This becomes Markwood Rd as you cross over Union Tpke & the Jackie Robinson Pkwy overpass. (Don't worry it's safe!). Make the first Right unto Park Drive. You'll soon cross Metropolitan Ave and then enter the bikepath.There ARE hills so that 3+ laps around = a good workout.

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susan c (not verified)
Forest Park

"I live in Forest Hills and for weekday evenings (if I can't do Central Park) I'll ride in Forest Park. I start at the entrance on Metropolitan Ave, cross Woodhaven, continue to the next stoplight, then turn around. The section after Woodhaven is open to cars, but has very little traffic. The Park empties out at dark (so it's spooky when you're alone) but the road is well lit. Four ""back-and-forths"" are roughly equal to 3 CP laps.

if you want some company during training, talk to me on Saturday, I'm leading a B18 group."

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need training routes

Hi.  I know this is 8 years behind, but is anybody riding in queens for training, I would love some tips.  I'm in JH. Thanks.

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I used to live in Northern

I reccomend heading out to the North shore of long Island.

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NE Queens loop

Here's my usual quick 19 mile ride.

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Astoria Suggestions?

I'm in a similar boat (new rider trying to get in shape for B-SIG), but coming from Astoria. Right now I either jump around the bridges over the East River, do laps around Randall's Island (if it's off-hours and not crowded), or for longer rides, trek down to prospect park.

If you ignore all the trucks idling in the bike lanes and the rough pavement, the bike lane on Vernon along the river is fine. Parks around me are too crowded with families/pedestrians to be safe for faster riding. 

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I'm over in Sunnyside and

I'm over in Sunnyside and have resigned myself to the fact that I'll have to ride to Central Park to get a ride in for mid-week training. I suppose I could do hill repeats on the 59th St. Bridge, at least I'll avoid traffic. But there are no stretches without stop lights and no real hills in Western Queens.

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I used to ride up Vanderbilt

I used to ride up Vanderbilt motor parkway and loop around alley pond park. this could be the basis of a longer ride.

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