Police on 9-w

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Sunday the 5th.I was with a group of about 7 of us,one of my guys caught a flat,we stopped to fix flat(about 15 minutes(sheeeeesh)about 3-4 miles south of Alpine on 9-w.Next thing I know I see 2 police cars doing like 70mph comming toward us,they slow down as the near us and one car pulls up onto the shoulder of the road just ahead of where we were the other car zooms off,continuing south.One of my guys goes over to the officer to see whats up,they're talking and a minute later the officer pulls off.I asked the guy what was that about,he tells me that there wa some incident between a cyclist and somone else.Anyway it was pretty vague.I tought the way the police responded it was like someone got killed or some cyclist robbed a bank or something.These cops are to gun ho for my taste,even though I myself am a uniformed state employee I dont have much tolerance for police thats why It wasnt me that went over to the police to find out what was going on.Anyone hear anything?

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Kay Gunn (not verified)
calm around 4 pm

What time?

I was on 9w btw around 3-4 pm and saw nothing unusual.

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Davey (not verified)

I was heading south on 9W, right about where your guy flatted, about noon on 3/4, when a cop pulled up next to me with his flashing lights on. He asked me my name, destination and route. After I answered he just drove on.

I figured some biker peed in someone's yard and they sent a car after him to cite him for indecent exposure.

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Richard Fernandez (not verified)
Police on 9-w (nm)
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