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Did anyone take a spin down River Road in the wonderful Spring conditions we had this past Saturday?

I am looking to start doing some weekday morning rides on River Road to supplement my A-19 Sig rides on Saturdays and was wondering how it faired over the course of the winter. Debris on the road, holes etc...



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Todd Brilliant (not verified)
it's pretty good.

rode it yesterday. it was okay, but sections were a little rocky/muddy from the deluge we had last friday. there'll probably be a cleaning crew (inmates?) this week to clear off the rocks.


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Steve (not verified)

Todd accurately described the condition of River Road. I road it Sunday and found it smooth sailing but for the dirt patches.

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Richard Fernandez (not verified)

Is anyone else scared of landslides on river road or am I the only wuss,cmon fess up.Seriously I try to stay way from that place.Rich

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Jim N (not verified)
It crosses my mind

A guy working at one of the marinas showed me a place where a huge section of the road had washed out a few years ago, and now whenever I ride by there I think I go a little faster through that part.

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More (not verified)
Falling Trees

Interesting point you make. As I was riding back to the Bronx after the A-Sig on Saturday, a falling tree limb narrowly missed me on the bike path North of the GWB.

The wind had picked up and I heard a loud crack to my left. I thought something might have come off my bike and hit the stone wall on the side of the path. Then their was a loud crash directly behind me. When I looked over my shoulder, a large tree branch had fallen completely obstructing the bike path. Had a been a few seconds slower, it would have landed on me testing my helmets ability to withstand impacts from falling tree limbs.

After clearing the path for subsequent riders, I continued merrily on my way. I think that the opportunity for large 4 wheeled mass of steel to collide with me are probably greater then being hit by a mudslide or a tree branch given the urban environment I ride in.

Watch out for falling trees and mud slides out there!!


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Dennis Wiener (not verified)

If you want to see what a rock slide looks like along the Palisades take a walk on the shore trail hiking loop from the State Line Lookout. Get a real good burn going in your quads.

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Dennis Wiener (not verified)

If we all did nothing but worry about what could happen to us out in the world, would any of us ever get off the couch? :-) But I agree with you Rich. Besides if everyone was out there on River Road it would get as crowded as Central Park.

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Jim Zisfein (not verified)
Caution: Falling Rocks

"Back in the 1950's, ""Caution: Falling Rocks"" signs were posted along the PA Turnpike in rockslide-prone areas. That started a ritual in our family. My sister and I would dutifully scan the hillsides ready to announce if a rock was coming down, so the driver (Mom or Dad) could take evasive action. Fortunately we were never beaned, not even once. The exercise still served its purpose. The kids did a responsible job of protecting the family, and the parents got a few precious moments of silence.

Subsequently, the signs were changed to something like ""Fallen Rock Zone"". It turned out that more than a few drivers were watching the hillsides instead of the road!

You get the idea. When you're bicycling on River Road, watch the road. Not the cliffs."

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rjb (not verified)

not scared of being hit by a landslide, scared that one will destroy a part of the road and then we won't be able to ride on it for a few months while they repair it. especially with all the rain, freeze/thaw cycles we've been having. but my greatest fear is that in the future some 'power(s) that be' will deem the road 'unsafe' and close it (the portion between the boat basins).

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Dennis Wiener (not verified)

The section of the greenway along the Hudson in Nyack Beach State Park that was washed out during hurricane Floyd (1999), has not been repaired to my knowledge.

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MC (not verified)

My wife collided with a deer on River Road a couple of years ago!! We have not been there since, but are planning to ride RR this weekend.

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Arthur Anon (not verified)
Cycling-related dangers

My wife bought me a used beanbag for my birthday.

I was walking down Sixth Avenue in the East 50s when it began to rain. Since I had no umbrella, I tried to protect myself by holding the beanbag over my head.

At that very moment a crazed cyclist (a member of the 5BBC , not NYCC) threw his bicycle out the window. It bounced off my beanbag and landed harmlessly on a fire hydrant.

But if not for that beanbag, that bicycle would have gone right through my head.

(With due respects to Woody Allen.)

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Joanna Omi (not verified)

the same thing happened to me a few years ago, which is why I always carry my bean bag on my head when I walk in the city. i find the smaller, child size is easier to handle while serving the same purpose.

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Morene (not verified)
bean bags

Bean bags are very useful...especially if one needs a bit of protein after the ride...

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