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Someone is killed by a vehicle almost every other day in New York City. Already this year, too many have lost their lives. Help sound the alarm before another life is lost.
The Problem:
In 2006, over 10,000 pedestrians were hit by cars and trucks in New York City. One hundred sixty-six were killed. The City's pedestrian safety efforts are inadequate. Where is Mayor Bloomberg? He has spoken out about transfats, gun violence and smoking. If killing a pedestrian with a car was considered assault it would be the second leading type of homicide behind only gun violence. Where is his leadership on this issue?
The Solution:

It is well-established that pedestrians are being hit in the same locations again and again. Just 10% of the City's intersections account for over 50% of all fatalities and injuries. In some locations, such as Downtown Brooklyn, both the design plans and funding have been secured for pedestrian safety improvements, yet the Department of Transportation has failed to implement them. Two weeks ago, four-year old James Rice was killed by a Hummer at 3rd Avenue and Baltic Street in Brooklyn--an intersection that has been slated for safety improvements since 2004. The City knows where the most dangerous streets are, it knows how to fix them and it must fix them without delay. Two nightclub deaths have prompted City Hall to take immediate action to strengthen nightlife safety. Pedestrian safety must be a higher priority than it currently is.

Stand with families of crash victims and hundreds of others to voice our outrage and call on the Mayor to prevent future tragedies. You can also help us by passing this announcement on to friends, neighbors and community listservs.
This event will happen rain or shine. Children are welcome.
If you bike, bring a lock. Bikes are not allowed inside the City Hall gates.

Contact Brooke DuBose at 646-873-6020 or email [email protected] for more information.
Transportation Alternatives is a member-supported non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Join T.A. today!

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mike p (not verified)
3 peds killed in 4 hours yesterday


"" target=""_new"">http://www.gothamist.com/archives/2007/03/04/three_pedestria.php

- At around 12 a.m, Mario Sagastume was hit by a Nissan Maxima in East New York. The Maxima did not stop, though people were chasing the car.
4 a.m., a 25-year-old man was killed when a van hit him at Essex and Delancey Streets in Manhattan. The van stopped and the driver was not charged (he was given summons for ""operating a vehicle with expired insurance"").
- At either 1 a.m. or 1 p.m. (the Times says a.m., the Post and Daily News say p.m.), Alice Chow was crossing Lefferts Boulevard near Austin Street when a bus making a left turn hit her.


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Carol Wood (not verified)
Well-organized event

Big turnout of supporters and media. Andre Anderson's mom almost had me in tears speaking about the death of her 14-year-old son and the city's absolute failure to do anything about it.

Noah Budnick announced that this morning, another pedestrian was killed in the city.

The numbers are astonishing. These needless deaths must stop.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
André's death: another instance of police failure to enforce law

I've implored the club to support Right of Way. This is from rightofway.org

HEADLINE: Andre Anderson, 14, will not be riding his bike any more...
... but his killer, Jose Vicens, will keep driving his Lincoln Navigator.

Andre Anderson, 14, was struck from behind and killed while riding his bike on a neighborhood street near his home in Far Rockaway, Queens, a little after six o'clock on a Saturday evening last September. The man who killed him, Jose Vicens, 23, of Rockaway Beach, has told us quite a lot about himself on the Web.
Pictures, and a report on the event.

Queens district attorney Richard Brown has characteristically shown no interest in Andre's death.


I've yet to learn how to enter links on our message board so beseech you to go to rightofway.org and read the links about this terrible and unticketed death by driver. Not even so much as a ticket for failure to pass safely.

And read the link telling you about the punk--yes, punk--who was the driver.

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chris y (not verified)
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Carol Wood (not verified)
Short video
cycling trips