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Thanks to all who rode today!
It's non-stop fun from here on out. It continues with me offering to do laps in CP @ 6 am, meeting at Tavern on the Green. 65th? & CPW, in the park.
Tuesday, wednesday & thursday - weather permitting. Any questions call till 11pm the night before:(212) 741-1966.

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phil (not verified)

this ride was great! i am exhilirated. just now i got back from the store with a brand new pair of cleats, and im going to be in the park all week getting used to them so i do not make a complete fool of myself next saturday (yes, SandalBoy is coming back!)

unfortunately I can only do laps at night. I will do them by myself, but if someone else cannot do them in the morning (the morning is really the best time), leave a message here (I go between 7pm and 10pm for a 18-20mph pace)

cheers, phil

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