2007 B SIG Classification Ride & Orientation

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As of this message the weather looks good for tomorrow, so if you have a pre-registration # we will see you at the Boathouse parking lot in the AM. Please dress appropriately in layers and don’t be fooled by the predicted high temp of 50 degrees, it will feel more like the high 30s while you out & about doing your laps.

If the weather changes I will post again, if not we all look forward to seeing you in the morning. Mark for the B SIG team.

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Karen (not verified)
tomorrow - is it on?

Forecast is for possible showers in the AM - how do we know if the B sig is on for tomorrow? Thanks

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Carol (not verified)

Don't know what forecast you're looking at. The ride is on. (But if you wake up at 7:00 and see showers out your window, check this message board for the final decision.)

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Mark Gelles (not verified)
Sat. 3/3/07 B SIG is a go

We are on, weather has improved since yesterday & it will be in the low 50s for our ride....mark

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