The Official Start of the NYCC season, this Saturday, March 3

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  • The Official Start of the NYCC season, this Saturday, March 3
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"How'd the first Saturday in March get to be the ""official start of the NYCC cycling season""? It was Jody, she did it. She started this idea way back when. . . and it stuck. And here it comes, the first Saturday in March, this Saturday, the day after tomorrow, 9:00 AM at the Boathouse. I'm excited. Also nervous. I haven't been on my bike even one time in 2007. YIKES! And I'm leading the A ride. And the last time I was on my bike, I got schmooshed by a car. So I have zero miles in my legs thus far this year, I'm in nowhere shape, I'm rehabbing a run-over body, and I'm the leader of the A ride this Saturday. What was I thinking? It's a good thing I know my way to Nyack. Come on out, join the ride, celebrate the official start of the 2007 NYCC cycling season."

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John (not verified)

Sounds like a plan. But there is an A19 at 9:30. If I miss 9:00, I'll make the 9:30.

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Cycing partner (not verified)
Sat Ride


Do you ever meet people on the nj side of the bridge?
If so what time. I'm game to start my season on an A ride if the leader has done what i've done. Not ridden in 2007

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Ashley S Doane (not verified)

Does the A-SIG start tomorrow also?

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Christy Guzzetta (not verified)

Yes. It starts Sat, March 3rd. see home page for details.

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Christy Guzzetta (not verified)

yes, we can meet you at the Bridge. Can't say for sure exactly when we'll get there, maybe the Jersey side at about 9:45 or so.
I will keep to the advertised pace, promise. 20 or so mph on the flats. Early season miles.

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