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Help please. In the national league who can tell me which teams would be good to see? Rank them. Thanks hal

Mets vs


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John M. (not verified)

Phi - spring training trash talking
Stl - NLCS rematch
Atl - historic rivalry

The rest are kind of yawners, match-up wise, but would make a nice day/evening at the ballpark.

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Derek (not verified)
Rank #1

"Obvious - The Phillies - Everyone will want to see Mr. ""No Dope/No 'Roids"" Ryan Howard - NL MVP 2006 and 2005 Rookie of the Year. His Mom manages his money!

# 2 Subway Series/Interleague Play - Mets vs. the Spankies!

#3 - St Louis"

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el jefe (not verified)

Spring Training just started, but if you're looking for a mid-late season game with more meaning then you should be choosing between Atlanta and Philly. There might be a rivalry going with St Louis, but they play in a different division. btw, Minnesota is in the American League.

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foo (not verified)
Inter-league Play

Mets play Minnesota 6/18 - 6/20 at Shea

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