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"For those who would like to “relive” the memories of a great evening we shared
herb dershowitz [round of applause, please] moved my camera nicely around the room.
He also won the prize drawing for a magic trick, from steve the magician, who performed an evening of magic for us. Be nice to herb with his new found powers.
Now I know I saw some other cameras so give it up people. Share!
So, those of you who hadn’t volunteered in ’06 what are you waiting for in 07?
Start now, there is a lot to do and have fun doing it.
For those of you who accepted the invitation and didn’t show, you are barred from viewing the photos. Everyone enjoy and I hope to see you at our april event. hal


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hal eskenazi (not verified)
photos -needs corrected link

i think i blew it here but will correct it tomorrow

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hal eskenazi (not verified)

problem fixed. enjoy

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Bill (not verified)
Where's my mug?

Hey, you're missing the foto of beautiful me!?

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Fruit Loops (not verified)

Thanks. And please be sure to remind us again tomorrow that it has been fixed. You never know. Just in case.

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