Wired to Win

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Has anyone seen this IMAX film? I saw the trailer (www.wiredtowinthemovie.com) and then saw that neither of the NYC IMAX theaters will be carrying it. I wonder if writing a letter to the Museum of Natural History on behalf of the NYCC (and other groups) would be of any influence in getting them to show the movie. I don't really know with whom to speak, but hopefully this thread will spark some discussion.

I'm willing to take the initiative, but don't really know where to start.


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Sienna (not verified)
Wired to Win

I saw it in Cleveland in July. Now I'm trying to remember how much I enjoyed it. I guess it didn't make much of a lasting impression. I remember synapses firing in an enormous animated brain. Some of the Tour de France scenery was spectacular. I think it would be fun to have the film here in NY, but if it's a huge hassle to get it, be consoled by the fact that you're not missing anything amazing.

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sg not ka (not verified)
NYCC is mentioned in website
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Ted (not verified)
Not great

I saw it in Vancouver last Feb.
The movie had a few good cycling scenes, but was more focused on the science than cycling. (And the science was not very high level).
I think if you go expecting much cycling, you will be disappointed. The film crew followed Tyler Hamilton's 2003 tour, but the theme was totally changed when he had his problems with doping allegations. So, the (slight) cycling story line changed to the FDJeux team, of which they had little real footage... so they splice in some non-imax footage at points.

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Todd Brilliant (not verified)
the movie was a snoozer

saw it at the imax theater on the uws. i think it was a one time only premier or something like that. there was a ton of cyclists at the showing. anyway, it wasn't very entertaining. i rememember being pretty bored.


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