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Hello all-
The NYCC Youth Program (YP) is looking for the help of 1 or 2 Ride Leaders with C SIG teaching experience. The YP is leading a group of 5-7 youths (age 16-22) through C SIG training. We are COMPLETELY SEPARATE and apart from the 2007 NYCC C SIG but are riding the same routes and providing the same training.

The Youth C SIG will begin March 3 - after this date, we are flexible with whether the rides will occur on Saturdays or Sundays to accomodate ride leaders schedules.

Please send an e-mail with your interest, qualifications and riding history to my e-mail above.
Send a note with any questions as well.

The NYCC Youth Program Committee

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Derek Chu (not verified)

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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Derek (not verified)
Thanks for everyone's interest

Thanks to those of you who expressed interest. As of today, we're not riding a 2007 C Youth SIG since.....

ALL ten Youths (7 boys, 3 girls) completed four CP laps in under two hours and ALL qualified as B riders. So with Mark Gelles' blessing, there will be one grouping of B Youth riders.

See y'all on the road. Don't eat yellow snow.

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Kim Savage (not verified)
Pls call

Pls call -

day -212-761-1859
night - 917-592-9209 - anytime after 7PM

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