Rear derailleur touching spokes.

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So all of a sudden my rear derailleur is hitting my spokes in low gear. Before I start mucking about with high adjustment and low adjustment and getting myself into trouble, I figured I'd better ask Ye NYCC Oracles. Is this a bent derailleur (hence a shop job) or should I start playing with the adjustment?



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Evan Marks (not verified)
Is the wheel centered in the frame?

Maybe it slipped a bit. Open the quick release to recenter the wheel - both sides of the axle should be as far into the dropouts as possible.

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jc (not verified)
check the hanger (nm)
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ben t (not verified)

it's starting to look like the typical checklist for derailleur hitting spokes. I'll just add, check that derailleur isn't bent. If all those things are fine then mess with the lone limit screw for that side.

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