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Due to the combination of icy patches on the roads, wind, and frigid wind chill (18-20 MPH winds all day and wind chills btw 5-25), we may cancel Saturday's Century-A-Month Club ride.

The co-leaders and I are discussing doing a loop-a-thon in Prospect Park instead. If you are a UMCA member and really want to get your February ride in, please RSVP to me via email. Otherwise...we have 2 great rides scheduled for next month.

We'll post here by 10pm with a final go/no go decision.

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Kay Gunn (not verified)
Prospect Park laps

We're going to lap the park as many times as we stand it, maybe go to Coney Island.
Prospect Park entrance at Grand Army Plaza 9:30 AM.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Speaking of riding in Prospect Park

I couldn't get out until the afternoon yesterday, so I rode 60 miles in PP. Started out intending to ride two hours in the park, but got into a groove, and struck up a few conversations with other riders, so the time and miles passed quickly.

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