Anyone know the current condition of River Road?

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  • Anyone know the current condition of River Road?
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My buddy and I are debating between Piermont and River Road tomorrow. Maybe we'll do River Road TO Piermont, but he only wants to do up to 40 miles and we're leaving from Brooklyn.

Anyway, you don't need to hear all of this, I'm just looking to see if anyone knows the current conditions.

Should be a nice day to be on the bike tomorrow!!

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Wayne Wright (not verified)
River Road Conditions

>Anyone know the current condition of River Road?

Yes. It's hilly.

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HL (not verified)
Anyone know the current condition of River Road?

Yes - never lean your bike on the flag pole by the Police Station after the last climb.

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
back to the future

What will you be debating?

(hey, it's Friday)

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Eric Rayvid (not verified)
Ok ha ha ha

I did laugh out loud at these, but, um, really, does anyone know?

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Colleen (not verified)
don't try

You can go as far as climbing up from Englewood, but at the gate it's not plowed, and not melted as of Wednesday. Well, it's plowed one car width down the hill for a bit, but then not at all. On Wed. there was still a lot of snow and ice on the road. Alpine hill is all clear from the basin to the top. So, if it's hill repeats you want, take 9W up.

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Dennis Wiener (not verified)

I don't know the conditions, but I can tell you the distance from brooklyn will be greater than 40 miles. I live on the west side of manhattan, and last summer using my gps, started on the greenway at 66th, went over the bridge, up 9w to the alpine approach road and returned via river road and clocked a distance of 37 miles. You might want to take the train and start a little closer. Also riverside drive might be a little easier getting to the bridge than the greenway.

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Ron (not verified)
River Road is fine....

A group of us decided to take a shot at it this morning. The rain and warmer weather on Thursday obviously did the trick. There were a couple of very short patches of snow (maybe 20-30 feet). Other than that, the road was clear from start to finish.
Oh. And Wayne will be happy to know - it's still hilly!

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