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"Has anyone else had a problem with the rear derailler shifting on their ultegra STI 10 spd?

Mine is about a year old with 3,200 miles on it. It worked terrific for the first 2,500 miles. After that I often have to play with the shifter to get a good shift in the middle gears of the cassette (where I spend a lot of time). The system still shifts great on the top and bottom gears of the cassette.

I realize the problem could be one of four things 1. the hand shifter, 2. the cable, 3 the rear derailler, or 4. the cassette. I changed the chain at 1,800 miles. At first I thought it might be the cable but the system shifts great in the high and low gears of the cassette (and I have adjusted the cable tension). My plan is to go the least expensive route first and change out the rear derailler for a dura ace and also replace the cable. My bet though is that there is something wrong with the hand shifter even though I can hear crisp ""clicks"" in each gear.

I have never had this problem with my 9 spd STI ultegra systems - each lasts me about 15,000 miles or 4 years (humidity and time deteriorates the hand shifters inner workings) whichever comes first.

Any similar experiences/thoughts/solutions?"

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<a href="http://www.OhReallyOreilly.com">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
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While we all wish at this point to be spending some time on the beach sipping margaritas, your bike does not respond too kindly to sand and salty roadside beverages. Check that the cable housing is not mucked up. Replace them or drip through some light oil or WD-40 to flush out the unwelcome residents inside the housing.

Keep in mind 10 speed bikes are a more sensitive lot than 9 speed bikes. They need a little bit more TLC due to their more tenuous (design) nature. 10 speed cassette and chains are more likely to be in a monogamous relationship. It is likely there was enough wear that the cassette should have been replaced at the same time as the chain. After 1,800 miles of use, you may have waited too long to do so.

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Robert Shay (not verified)
Good to go...

Thanks Peter -

I changed the derailler cable and housing, cleaned and oiled the rear derailler, adjusted the cable and it shifts fine.

As a side note on the chain, weekly I use a parktool chain wear indicator tool and replace my chain as it just reaches the .75% wear indicator. I am assuming that the timely replacement of my chain will allow me to extend my cassette life to 5,000 miles.

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