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hey peeps,

I inadvertently won an eBay auction and now have a full carbon Look frame. I'm pretty psyched. I figure I'll trick this out into a super sweet road riding machine and I want to go the SRAM route. All this is pretty much beside the point. My real question is: looking on ebay, sellers offer the option of braze-on or clamp-on front derailleurs. Does anyone know what the diff is and what I should go for?

PS: what shop should i go to to build this bad boy?

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Jim N (not verified)

If the seat tube has a little place to mount a front derailleur, at about the height of the top of your bigger chainring, you need a braze-on. If it's straight all the way down, you need a clamp-on.

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greg (not verified)
thanks (nm)
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Rich Conroy (not verified)

A frame for a braze-on will have tab with a long oval hole sticking out of the seat tube.

As to your question about which shop, drop me an email & I'll give you a good recommendation.


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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

You don't get a choice - the frame will dictate which you need.

A carbon Look will require a clamp-on derailleur.

- Christian

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Matt P. (not verified)

"Certainly not all carbon Looks require a clamp-on front mech. Check the frames at


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To the OP, you will know when you get the frame. Look for the tab on the seat tube. If there is no tab, you will need a clamp-on. You will also have to find out the diameter you'll need. Clamps come in different sizes."

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