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The SIGs are coming! The A- and B-SIGs start March 3. All the preparations are well underway.

As Captain of the A-SIG Classic, I get emails with questions about the A-SIG and at the last club meeting I talked with many people who weren't sure which program to do, the A-19 SIG or the A-SIG Classic. I can't supply an answer without first asking a bunch of questions in order to determine the person's level of fitness and motivations. However, I often find the people uncertain which program to go with plenty fit. The choice really comes down to what they're comfortable with. The two programs vary. The degree that they vary often lies in the eye of the beholder.

A-SIG Classic features longer distances and a faster pace than the A-19. It also attracts those who want to do the top level. However, we control the pace and focus on the group as a whole. We work to keep a group together, rather than see how many riders we can shoot off the back.

Please note:
 - Early on in the program participants can switch from the Classic to the A-19, or vice versa. We want the fit to be right for each participant.
 - You do not have to do the A-19 before trying the Classic.
 - Neither program focuses on how strong or fast a rider is.
 - A well managed group ride can accommodate riders of varying strength.
 - On identified long climbs, everyone climbs at their own pace.
 - The programs exist to teach group riding skills, not prove who is top dog.

That all said, the Classic presents more of a challenge and will push the participants more. Those interested in more of a challenge, don't hesitate, try the Classic.

Hope this is a help.

From an A-SIG web page:
For a self-test to see how you might measure up to the rigors of the A-SIG Classic, if you can complete 4 consecutive laps in Central Park (24 miles) in 1 hour 35 minutes or under, your fitness level is probably a good match for the Classic program.
(That's a fairly easy mark. If you're at that mark or just below, be prepared to really work on your fitness)

Check out the A-19 SIG leaders. They have a ride this Saturday, Feb. 24, leaving 9:00am from the Boathouse.


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Bob Ross (not verified)
Discrepancy re: A19 Preview Ride start time Saturday

"Timothy wrote ""Check out the A-19 SIG leaders. They have a ride this Saturday, Feb. 24, leaving 9:00am from the Boathouse.""

Yet the ride listings for Saturday (elsewhere on the NYCC website) specify a 10:00AM start time.

Can someone please confirm which is correct? Thanks."

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Timothy McCarthy (not verified)

Right you are. Thanks for the catch. 10:00AM

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Morene (not verified)
great clarification

Thanks again for the clear info. I spoke to you at the club meeting about the classic vs. A19 (I'm signed up for the 19), and my trepidation with the classic really stemmed from not wanting to feel I was in a race. Racing is great for those who want it. Personally, I don't. However, self-competition does foster improvement, and I never want to feel I have little left to strive for. So, once again, here I sit on the classic vs. 19 fence. Maybe the decision will be made for me on March 3rd.
See you then!

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