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Anybody ride Riverside, GWB or 9W today? How'd your bike look afterwards?

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Betsy Hafkin (not verified)

It's very wet from melting snow (as is 501) but otherwise fine. However, my bike is filthy.

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Bob Ross (not verified)

I rode Riverside Drive from 165th to 72nd this morning. My bike looks like it was dropped into a vat of Portland cement: a thick layer of gray crunchy salty sandy filthy schmutz covers everything.

And I don't look much better.

Today's ride singlehandedly made me realize the value of a beater bike.

The ride itself was fine; most of the roads were pretty clear of conspicuous slush & ice.

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rob (not verified)

I rode CP loops, and also the west side bike path from UWS to Chelsea. Generally damp, but not snowy. HOWEVER, there are some extremely slick spots. As the snow melts and the water runs down the pavement, it freezes, so what looks like water is a sheet of super slick ice. Be careful!!

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Brad Ensminger (not verified)
Slipped and Fell this Morining

Be careful if you are riding the West Side Greenway. There is water on it (not ice), and is very slippery, especially when making quick turns. I fell there this morning.

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Philip (not verified)

Thanks for everyone's feedback. Hopefully things will improve and dry out soon...I'll be playing it safe indoors till then.

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Sienna (not verified)
Crashed this morning

I crashed pretty hard in the park this morning - as Rob said above, what looks like water can be ice. Or, what looks like water can be water... which can cause a fall. The air feels great but everything is melting and the roads are a mess.

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