The Tomb Ride is (Probably) On for February 21

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Hi all,

After a bit of a hiatus, Colleen (Conway) and I going to try to do the ride from Grant's tomb this week. Right now the forecast is for partly sunny to cloudy skies until the afternoon, when there might be some rain. It won't be quite as spectacular as today (Wednesday), but hopefully ridable. If things start to look different and we feel we need to call the ride off, we will post by 7:45 AM on Thursday. But Colleen and I hope to ride, starting promptly at 9 AM on Thursday morning, and hope some folks will join us for a ride averaging 16-17 mph, with 20 or so on the flats. No extended stops (usually about 40-50 miles). We should be back by about noon.


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JIM N (not verified)
I'll be there

... with bells on.

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Colleen (not verified)
see you tomorrow

but fenders might be more practical than bells

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