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"Chris O'Connell competed in Saturday's Alleycat Race, fixed gear, no hand brakes. He did it in 1:24:37 and the winning time was 1:08:44. His place was more impressive. Read on.

In his own words,
""It was an awesome weekend for me. First, there was a book signing party for New York City Alleycats (aka messenger races) and I am on the cover!
http://www.newyorkalleycats.com/ (I am in the white helmet on the right.)

Then I have a great race placing 14th out of over 150. There is tons of photos etc. but check out this clip. We started at Sara Roosevelt Park and had to go to 61st and 1st. Here is a good 3-4 minute video of the start -

The group in the video went up Forsyth, made a right on Delancey and then a left on Allen St, crossing Houston on to 1st. I was ahead of this group and it was kind of dangerous with all the other cyclists until about 20th St. when it opened up. There was also 2 different circuits so even though everyone went to 61st and 1st, after that we broke into 2 separate races.

1st Manifest
61st and 1st Ave
100 Amsterdam
294 5th Ave
73 Morton St
Sara Roosevelt

2nd Manifest
61st and 1st Ave
1221 6th Ave
315 W 38th St
300 E 3rd St
Sara Roosevelt

3rd Manifest
King Kog (Brklyn)
East River Bar (Bklyn)""

More photos:

Race start:

A"" target=""_new"">http://www.flickr.com/photos/bicyclelove/393620110/in/set-72157594542481565/


retro rider: http://www.flickr.com/photos/greenbiker/394806024/"

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John Z (not verified)
The Race

Many in the top ten had help too -- skitching.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Alleycat race

"Good job, Chris!

I couldn't view the clip of the race start. Are any bikes allowed, or only brakeless fixed-gears?

By the way, Hank, you do know that these alleycat races are dangerous and illegal, don't you? And some riders don't even wear h*lm*ts! I suppose you just have to accept their point of view when you pay your health insurance premium."

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chris o (not verified)
Definitely not famous I hope

"Mordecai, I am surprised I did not see you there - if only to mingle in the scene. I am lazy so I put my brake back on - I prefer to stop the easy way when I have to.

If I didn't stop for all the lights like a good NYCC citizen I would have done much better (cough).

Here is a good photo of the start:
NY Bike Messengers Ass'n"

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Mordecai, I don't ski or snowboard with a helmet, and...

my bindings don't release either!

cycling trips