NYC/Geneva, NY

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Looking for routes/suggestions for ride this spring from NYC to Geneva, NY (or Finger Lakes generally)

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Ted (not verified)
Bike routes

New York State does have official bike routes.

You could go up Route 9 and then across 5. A lot of 5 is old erie canal route, so relatively flat and regular towns to eat/sleep.

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Marcia (not verified)
NYC to Ithaca

I was planning to ride from NYC to Ithaca last fall, but had to cancel. Have it mapped out, thanks to bike clubs along the way. Too long to describe here, but e-mail me & we can take it from there. I was hoping to try again this spring...
In the meantime, check out this fun site from PennDOT, where you can virtually drive down their highways:

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Jay (from India) (not verified)
Geneva NY

En route to Chicago I rode thru Geneva some years ago.

Orangeburg/Suffern/Pt Jervis/Hancock/Ithaca/Geneva.

It was quite hilly Orangeburg-Ithaca (Wayne W made part of this trip last year to his HS reunion but he had too heavy a load on this hilly stretch & I think he had to jettison some) but between Ithaca & Chicago there were no hills.

Everything was spectacular--the 1st week of June--from Suffern to Hancock was the best part of the trip--I rode along the Delaware River on the NY side. Made it to Hancock the 1st night! Ithaca the 2d nite & could have easily gone further than Geneva the 3rd night.

BTW I continued past Buffalo thru SW Ontario which is probably much better than PA & OH!

E mail me at [email protected] if u have any ?'s

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Jay (not verified)
I think Ted's route is longer but prob. flatter

The shortest distance between 2 points is a str line(??)

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