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Hi, I have a problem and need some help. I haven't been cycling outdoors this winter but will be starting C-Sig. I need to find Winter gear. Problem is I am 6'2'', 250lbs and need XXXL. I can't find anything. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried all the NYC cycle shops and Paragon. Thanks for the help.

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Robert Shay (not verified)
Possibly an option

I have never worn this jacket but I have shopped this store before:

It is available in 3XL.

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J (not verified)

Try Performance:

Also, it is $20 to join team performance and you get upgraded shipping and 10% off your next purchase - if you spend $300, you get $30 off your next buy. It's great if you need lots of stuff. And they have a great return policy.

Two things - winter is closing out and not many sizes are available.

Also, if you buy standard or club cut clothing, it is bigger than the race or pro cut. You may fit into a 2XL, see the sizing. I am a M or L in standard. In race cut XL. My Assos tights are XXL.

Good luck,

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Ringlah (not verified)

Thanks for the great ideas. My search continues!

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dwiener (not verified)

I bought a golite jacket from their steepandcheap outlet. While not bike specific - its a runners jacket - its a very warm fleece neoprene combo. I wore it working outdoors new years eve and it was toasty warm. I have worn it biking in warmer weather and found it uncomfortgably warm so it should be perfect now in the cold.

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David Schlichting (not verified)
Winter Clothing

"I'm 6'2"", 225 pounds. If you splurge for Assos, the size you need is what they call TIR. Kind of like me, this size is slightly, uh, wider, than their XL."

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