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I apologize in advance if this topic has been addressed in another thread (I searched but did not find anything).

Having worn out my current riding shorts (almost 2 years of wear), I am looking to upgrade. I use a Body Geometry Toupe saddle and generally do long rides (50-80 miles give or take).

What are the best shorts I can buy? Any guidance would be much appreciated.


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Robert Shay (not verified)
Performance Ultra...

These are the most comfortable price/value shorts I've found. I use them for 100+ mile rides with no problems. Plus, they're on special sale right now. In season, you will pay about $80/short.

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Ted (not verified)
personal preferences

lots of good shorts out there. And very much personal preference.
Check out for reviews. Boure, Santini, and assos have been good to me recently. Go to a bike store or Paragon and look at the chamois. Do you like them thick? thin? small? etc? Most brands make different models. A racer might like a thin chamois while a long distance touring rider might like more padding. So, best is very subjective.

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