NYPD conduct defines "despicable" and "contemptible"

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"Today's (Friday's) NY Times has a front page story headlined, ""Judge Says Police Violated Rules In Videotaping Public Gatherings."" This sentence appears in the article:

""In recent years, police officers have disguised themselves as protesters, shouted feigned objections when uniformed officers were making arrests, and pretended to be mourners at a memorial event for bicycle riders killed in traffic accidents.""

I defy anyone to come up with a more morally bankrupt, more despicable, more contemptible, more obscene use of police other than to authorize or excuse their brutality."

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well said


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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
A non-cycling friend sent me these more despicable acts...

"I defied anyone to come up with more despicable conduct than that which I wrote, above. A non-cycling friend sent the following...and she's right:

""Police stopping women in cars and trading sex for no ticketing; cops trading sex for get out of jail free card for prostitutes; cops refusing to interfere with domestic disputes because 'Well, they are married,' etc."""

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