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I'm selling a pair of wonderful wheels for $200. Ridden one year by a lightweight rider who carefully minds potholes and ruts and who takes great care of his equipment. They're in EXCELLENT shape.

* Fast wheels that accelerate quickly and hold their speed. The hubs and bearings are of great quality and they spin and spin and spin.
* Great, racy looks (black with black aero spokes and hubs)
* Nicely lightweight at 1720 grams
* Aerodynamic (27mm v-shaped rims with bladed aero spokes
* Super-duper strong/reliable (made to take abuse from riders up to even 250 lbs.). They're built to last and last.
* A terrific performance (and looks!) upgrade for your current steed.

If you're interested, please email me at [email protected] and I can send you a photo or two.

They're really super-solid wheels and will add speed, coolness (!), and solid/dependable handling to your ride.


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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Fast Wheels

"""* Fast wheels that accelerate quickly and hold their speed.""

So how fast do they go? And how is it that they ""accelerate quickly"" AND ""hold their speed""?



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Andy (not verified)

I appreciate your snideness, but will humor you with answers anyway.

1) Why, they go as fast as one can make them go, of course, but I mean that they spin very well due to the great bearings and lightweight hubs.

2) Because they're stiff--as in efficient, not as in harsh--and tensioned properly, they respond to accelerations rapidly; due to their aero profile and spokes, they slice the air and keep rolling and rolling.

For anyone interested, they're really great wheels. I'm letting them go solely due to a new sponsorship situation and won't need them. If ever I needed another set of (non-sponsored) wheels, I'd buy 'em all over again. Don't be fooled because they're not made by Mavic, Shimano, American Classic, Zipp, etc.; they're hand-built and -tensioned with pride, and the customer service at Neuvation's second to NONE out there.


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Herb (not verified)

Andy, I'm posting this just to let people know they can get new ones for slightly more money.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Light? Aero?

$200 ?


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Andy (not verified)

"Gee, thanks guys. I try to be honest and sell a really nice set of wheels, and you take a dump on me. You've shown your true colors, and they're all shades of brown (if you get my drift).

Considering that Mavic Cosmic Carbone deep-dish carbon wheels weigh 1765 grams and sell for $1500, my 1720-gram Neuvations are indeed ""nicely lightweight"" for the money ($1300 less). Do the math if it's withing your reach.

Furthermore, I am indeed a racer. Simple as that. I got back into the sport a couple of years ago, went on several NYCC rides, and was thus inspired to get back into racing after a dozen years off. I have nothing but praise for the NYCC, honestly. Sorry if you can't accept that. I now it must be very tough on your egos. Talk to Todd Brilliant about racing. Clearly, he gets a charge out of it, and he's not a ""liar or a loser.""

Since you've chosen, so ignorantly, to call me either a liar or a loser simply because I claimed to mind potholes, you're relegated to the bottom of the dung heap. You know NOTHING about me and how I ride; how dare you?

If you took offense--and for what reason?--to my post, you needn't have commented at all. Again, you know nothing of me and have no right to tarnish my name and reputation as you've done. Don't buy my wheels, but why sling your contempt my way?

I'm an honest person who has a fine set of wheels to sell. I'm also not in a profession that makes a lot of money but am not complaining about it. I'm not gaining anything on the deal. That you chose to point out that people can get a deal on the Neuvation site is pure classlessness and a personal affront. Again, since you have probably never even met me, I'd say that this exposes you both as the ignorants you are. Are you upset that I'm a (dreaded) ""racer""? Please. Grow up and face the fact that some like to take it a step further (but not necessarily more seriously) than others. I can see no other reason for your tag-team of bitterness and anger.

Perhaps your moms never taught you that ""if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."" Shame on them.

You represent the NYCC in all the best ways. I applaud you for the ambassadors you are. Keep up the stellar work, bozos.


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Jack (not verified)

Andy, this club has more than their fair share of misanthropes. You might have more luck selling your wheels on craigslist rather than trying to defend yourself on this board. Good luck!

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Andy (not verified)
At last.

Thanks much, Jack. Looking elsewhere....

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Someone (not verified)

Aero wheels are NOT useless in pack conditions, in fact the opposite is true.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)

"""1) Why, they go as fast as one can make them go, of course, but I mean that they spin very well due to the great bearings and lightweight hubs.""

Great bearings? Quantify that. What percentage of a rider's total energy expenditure goes into overcoming hub bearing friction? Or to put it another way, how much faster will a rider be with these hubs compared to Shimano or Campy?

And they spin up well because of lightweight hubs? Please explain that.

""2) Because they're stiff--as in efficient, not as in harsh--and tensioned properly,""

Ah, the old ""stiff but not harsh.""

""they respond to accelerations rapidly; due to their aero profile and spokes, they slice the air and keep rolling and rolling""

Huh? Acceleration is mostly about getting the mass of the rider and bike moving faster: Newton's 2nd Law. The rotational inertia of the wheels is a 3rd or 4th order effect. And the effect of the ""aero"" properties of a wheel on acceleration is pure imagination.

I'm sure you mean well, but your just regurgitating marketing hype along with ancient myth and lore.

The best statement you've made is, ""they go as fast as one can make them go."" We're in agreement on that!


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Robert Shay (not verified)
Good set of wheels....


You can probably sell your wheels within a few days on Ebay. There are already two sellers of the same type of wheels in the Ebay listings.

Good luck

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Andy (not verified)

Thanks for the suggestion and for checking, Robert. Very kind of you.

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Anyone (not verified)

First, 1720 gram, 27mm. deep wheels are neither light or aero (Steve Hed, the king of aero, says nothing under 50 mm. deep rims provide an aero advantage).

Second, again, according to Hed, aero wheels (50 mm. or deeper) begin to provide aero benefits at 14 mph.

Third, if this is the Herb I think it is, he hardly dislikes racers as he get up early to drive one of the pace motorcycles for CRCA races.

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Hector Roman (not verified)
Why kill this guy?

These wheels are actually a pretty good low budget wheelset. At $200 they are a reasonably good deal and compare favorably to say the Mavic Equipe. His ask is $200, maybe they are worth $180 but whatever, I'm sure it's negotiable. The guy said they are aero and described how so (v shaped rims, bladed spokes, etc.). I hardly doubt he expects someone to think they are better than a high end wheelset. He just gave the wheelset good props for the price point. Nothing wrong with that. I'm also guessing if he's a racer that he didn't race with these. Maybe I'm wrong but if he didn't race with them then it's very possible he was mindful of potholes, etc while training. Give him a break and let him sell his wheelset in peace.

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Andy (not verified)
Big thanks, Hector.

"Your defense of my post is refreshingly humane. I applaud you. You also chose to use what I suspect is your real name--vs. ""Chainwheel,"" who's afraid to use his.

You are correct. These wheels are far better than their price would suggest (even new). The fact is that they do all I hope for in a set of wheels and do it with style. For $200 (or even less if someone made the offer), they'll prove to last for years, I'm sure, with minimal maintenance; that's precisely how they were designed. Durable, smooth, and with more of an aerodynamic advantage than regular box rims with traditional (round) spokes.

Again, thanks, Hector, for representing the NYCC with dignity and class.


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Herb (not verified)

Andy, I'm posting this just to let people know they can get new ones for slightly more money.

Hopefully Andy's diatribe was not for me. I posted the above just to give buyers another choice. As a former racer, and yes, a current motopacer, I have the utmost respect for racers, especially at 6AM.:-)

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April (not verified)

"He's selling a wheelset from a lesser known maker. So he has to make a pitch. But why would anyone trust his word, of an unknown person???

So, to verify his pitch, I went to the website of the maker. It confirms his is a solid wheel of decent value, but...

I can have the same wheel for nearly the same price brand new!!!

So, why bother?

I don't think anyone is ""killing him"". It's just his pricing is sooo out of line... WHY NOT (kill him)???"

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anon (not verified)

"check out roadbike review. these wheels are very highly rated. i know a couple of riders who own and rave about these wheels.

they're on sale right now from the oem, but under normal pricing this would be a good deal. btw, when you factor in shipping and potential UPS damage, the $200 is not a ""rip-off"" initial offer.

haters, please crawl back into your holes. cheers!"

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HL (not verified)
My take on this is ....If you can't sell it - then TRADE it for

"some Used Shorts with yellow chamois!"

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