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J (not verified)

Used shorts? Like under wear, but moreso :-(

Why not save a couple of pairs. I wear bibs too, but use shorts under tights and at home on the trainer. Also, when your bibs get a little worn and your anatomy starts peaking out - a pair of shorts underneath works wonders.

Good luck,

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elsa (not verified)

used shorts ? are you kidding, I'll trade you 4 pair of socks ,2 sweat bands , a black thong & I'll throw in an old mouthguard for good measure .....so sorry ,but I haven't done laundry in a long time ,but as an extra added bonus a small box of Tide is included ,think it over ,offers like this only come along once in a lifetime !!!!!!!!! I still can't believe you're selling used shorts ..I am continually amazed at some of the posts on this board .
Now that you've brought it up , I could use ,well let's see ;maybe some sponges ,used tissues ,or how about a mattress ,or a pillow or ----???? how weird !!

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Anyone (not verified)

Uhm Elsa, I'll take the unwashed black thong.

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Heath (not verified)

And here I was thinking that I was doing a good thing by passing on something that I am not using anymore so that someone else could have some nice bike shorts.

If you are rich and can afford anything you heart desires, then just ignore the thread. But maybe you are financially intelligent or just do not want to spend full price on some high quality bicycle shorts. My loss is your gain.

If you want to spew your venom towards me, please take it private. Or at least post with your email address instead of hiding behind your remarks.

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elsa (not verified)

"Hey ,there are reasons we're told to wash our hands frequently,""your loss and my gain"" hygienically could be a dissaster -- get the drift -as far as ""spewing venom towards you "", that's not true,I would imagine that your probably a well to do ,upstanding citizen , this is not a personel attack,but only an opinion of your idea ....P.S. I have a slightly used red tootbrush you might be interested in .........."

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Jack (not verified)
Used shorts with yellow chamois????!!!!!

Heath, was the chamois yellow when you originally bought the shorts???

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Mike A. (not verified)
Cycleops Fluid Trainer

Heath- Call me 917-913-0266

My email keeps getting kicked back and I want to buy your trainer.



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